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masterDescribe the namespace mechanismAlex Martin2 years
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2022-01-04Describe the namespace mechanismHEADmasterAlex Martin
2021-12-21Clarify timeAlex Martin
2021-12-21Do something useful when user asks for helpAlex Martin
2021-12-21Remove very old commented-out "services" mechanismAlex Martin
2021-12-21Mention a small RPC systemAlex Martin
2021-12-21Rename special filesystemsAlex Martin
2021-12-21Give rationale for hierarchical command namesAlex Martin
2021-12-21Allow applications to self-describeAlex Martin
2021-12-21Be slightly less derisive about FHSAlex Martin
2021-12-21Revamp config to unify sources and use S-TagsAlex Martin